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DevConf is one of Poland's premier annual conferences dedicated to software development. It's based on principles the organizers believe are the success factors of an ultimate conference experience.

The challenge was to design a coherent and visually catching conference identity. Differentiate this year's event from the previous one, introduce a fresh look while keeping the recognizable elements like logo & color palette. Design digital pieces (templates for social media, slides, sponsorship catalog) as well as materials used for print (catalog, badge, bag & t-shirt print, stickers, agenda posters etc.).

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  • design a primary visual theme that helps to embrace all the materials and make them look consistent. This year it was all about logo deconstruction and using its elements in different compositions by letting them interpenetrate. I also used them for creating a repetitive pattern.
  • make a visual connection to the city of Cracow that the conference took place in. Create a simplistic illustration of St. Mary's Basilica which is one of the best examples of Polish Gothic architecture.
  • focus on the details, especially for the print materials that stay with people as the nice reminders of the event
  • The color palette needed to be extensive because it will be used to create illustrative graphics. It's also so flexible that we can use the logo in many different color variations.
  • All illustrations have the cut-out effect - they picture the elements connected with ethnic/tribal motives. To add some handmade graphic impression I covered all illustrations with the grained texture
  • design the gadgets that people will use with pleasure & joy, even after the conference. To make it happen I tried to give them something more than just an event logo. We printed it in a non-obvious way, I used illustrations or colorful patterns to make the design itself standout first

Tools used

Affinity Designer / Affinity Photo

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