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Abot is a simple Slack bot for sending anonymous feedback messages in your team. If you want to conduct an anonymous survey, voting, poll, discussion....

The challenge was to design a modern, clean & minimalistic landing page that will encourage more users to download the app and build the impression of trust and professionalism. Besides the main page, I was also supposed to prepare the mockups for Pricing, Testimonials, FAQ, and Terms & Conditions pages.

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  • Make the whole concept of a webpage consistent with the topic covered by the application and already designed logo by choosing the simple font and black & white color palette
  • Design a clean layout that explains in a clear way how the application works. Don't overload the page with unnecessary information that may discourage the user
  • Focus on Call To Action presenting them at the top as well as at the bottom of a page
  • Take care of an easy access from the homepage to all information that may be potentially interesting for the user

Tools used

Sketch / Affinity Designer / Zeplin

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